Cellulose adhesive - scraps of paper sound and heat insulating

Intercol produces adhesives for all types of applications, adhesive-specific developments in the paper, cardboard, packaging and insulation industry (mineral wool, rock wool, insulation material, foam, paper, glass wool, aluminum foil, cellulose, EPS, etc.). In addition to an extensive range of standard products, we also offer many customer-specific developments.

Production, contract manufacturing, contract manufacturing

These are already available from 30 kg to bulk trailers of 20,000 liters. With regard to the raw materials and the mixing process, we would be happy to discuss “unusual” production methods with you in order to develop a unique product. With the very experienced laboratory of Intercol we can find a suitable solution for many problems:
-Application (spraying, foaming, rolling, etc.).
-Resistance to external influences (frost, water, chemicals, fire).
-Legal approvals (REACH, KOMO, ISO, FDA, BfR, building security, fire resistance).