Various dispersion adhesives

Dispersion adhesives are water-based adhesive systems, which form compounds through physical hardening through evaporation of the water. The adhesive effect is achieved by a polymer component that forms a film when the aqueous component evaporates.

Food-safe dispersion adhesive

Intercol supplies a wide range of dispersion adhesives that are used in the paper and packaging industry, the graphic industry, the woodworking industry as well as in the automotive, textile and electrical industries. The latest generation of dispersion adhesives enable high processing speeds with low system costs.

Different types of dispersion adhesives available

Polyvinyl acetate

Good adhesion to cellulosic substrates such as wood and paper. Mainly used for wood adhesives.

Vinyl acetate copolymers

Good adhesion to many polar plastics.


Good aging properties and media resistance. Is mainly used for pressure sensitive adhesives (labels, adhesive tapes), permanent adhesives (e.g. for tiles and floor and wall coverings) and laminating adhesives (e.g. glossy foils).

Polyvinylidene chloride

Physiologically harmless and therefore preferred for laminating adhesives that are used for food packaging.

Styrene-butadiene copolymers

Laminating adhesive (e.g. aluminum foil on paper)