Hot melt adhesive for packaging

Have been since the 1960s Hot melt adhesive used for the closure of packaging. Hot melt adhesives are now the most common method in the packaging industry. It is generally used for closing, sealing and stabilizing cardboard boxes.

Hot melt in the packaging

Has been since the 1960s Hot melt Widely used in packaging and processing applications. The main benefit of using hot melt adhesives was their faster adhesion than water-based adhesives. Hot melt adhesives can achieve shorter setting times by allowing the adhesive to cool down quickly.

PUR hot melt adhesive

The next major advance in adhesives in the packaging industry came in the 1980s with the development of PUR hot melt adhesives. PUR has stronger adhesion and offers better chemical resistance.

Why hot melt is great for packaging

Hot melt adhesives can glue small, detailed cardboard boxes to heavy duty wraparound boxes. Hotmelt is perfect for bonding all types of packaging, as the variety of formulas available allows it to be easily adapted to any application. Not only do hot melt adhesives have high heat resistance, but there are also formulas that can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees C and humid environments. Packaging comes in a wide variety of materials, but even that doesn't affect the use of hot glue as it can adhere firmly to all types of paper, cardboard, and plastics, as well as a variety of other substrates. Hot melt products are available in bulk, which makes them cost effective.