Contract manufacturing of aqueous emulsions

Do you intend to concentrate on your core business and outsource part of your production? You can rely on our experience. Intercol has proven to many well-known partners that contract manufacturing is a viable and reliable alternative.

In our most recent customer survey of key customers, the top reasons for recommending Intercol are safe, efficient and reliable.

Contract manufacturing of aqueous emulsions

Adhesives, emulsions, coatings

Our services cover a wide range of Technologies including water-based adhesives, aqueous emulsions and coatings. The products can be supplied as packaged or bulk liquids.

Processing and mixing

  • GMP environment suitable for food contact applications;
  • Atmospheric, direct and indirect pressure emulsions of waxes, resins or polymers;
  • Homogenization;
  • Mixing of water-based coating and adhesive formulations;
  • Production of aqueous solutions and slurries.

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