Contract manufacturing - mixing of water-based chemicals

Waterborne Contract Mixing Part of Intercol's industry is the contract mixing of chemicals, coatings, binders and waterborne adhesives. In addition to our standard range of water-based adhesives, we are able to process special chemical mixtures that are difficult to handle elsewhere. Thanks to our large and efficient production facility in Ede, the Netherlands, and with the support of the laboratory, we can satisfy many customers in a unique way.

Contract manufacturing - water-based chemicals

At Intercol we are also able to research alternative raw materials for your specific blend in order to achieve better performance in the area in which the chemicals are used, better performance in our production (more efficient) or simply a cost-oriented development, to be more competitive. Our laboratory is known for many ingredients, from food additives, biological binders, dispersions, coatings, cardboard and many other chemical issues. We are also well-acquainted with food and plastic regulations. And at the finish line, we can help reduce costs through more efficient, large-scale purchases by pooling volumes with raw material suppliers.

Please contact us for more information about the raw materials we can process and the development of your binders, coatings, adhesives or other chemicals that we can manufacture.