Contract manufacturing of PVOH, PVAC and VAE products

Entrusting an outside company to manage your simple or complex blending requirements can be a difficult step. Commercial formulas need to be protected and the end product needs to arrive on time, on time and free of contamination.

We understand the potential risks associated with toll blending and offer a wide range of services to simplify the process.

Benefit from our well-equipped on-site laboratory, our experienced technicians and our extensive experience Contract manufacturing, which goes back to 1972.

Production of water-based PVOH, PVAC and VAE

Our plant is able to process the entire spectrum of simple industrial adhesives, coatings and maintenance products.

You don't have to worry about transporting your product or determining a storage location in your facility - we offer exclusive transport, tank credit and tank leasing options throughout Europe.

With decades of experience in industrial contract mixing, you can be sure that Intercol will do everything correctly, on time and every time - guaranteed.

Advantages of contract mixing

The fee mix enables you to integrate your inventory and packaging systems with our facilities and processes to create a seamless supply-demand relationship. When your mixing capacities reach maximum capacity, we can help you handle the overflow. This means that you can continue to meet your deadlines without having to expand your system or reject additional projects.

Just provide the raw materials and packaging and we'll do the rest. We're always ready to handle your largest bench, pilot, or commercial projects.

Contract manufacturing of PVOH, PVAC and VAE products

Partnership with the industry

Take advantage of the enormous knowledge of our experienced team, our in-house laboratory and our extensive delivery network when we can help you develop the perfect formulation for your product.

We'll help you keep your costs down and your specification needs accurate while your plans are fully disclosed. In many cases, we can speed up your product development phases by using one of our pre-existing formulas as a starting point for your specific contract mixing requirements.

Custom and chargeable mixes are offered from simple mixes to more complex reaction mixes. We have ten water-based mixing tanks up to 20MT (22,000L). We can cool and heat our mixers.

ISO 9001

Our state-of-the-art laboratory, backed by industry-leading chemists and support technicians, has the latest technology to provide fast and efficient service to our customers. Find out more about our on-site laboratory.

How to mix for you:

  • PVAC
  • PVOH
  • Fibers
  • cellulose
  • UAE
  • Watery emulsion
  • Aqueous dispersions
  • strength
  • Adhesives and emulsions with polyvinyl alcohol