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Director: Ing.SW De Jong

General terms of sale, delivery and payment

  1. These conditions apply - to the exclusion of other conditions - to all offers and contracts in which Intercol BV (hereinafter: seller) is the seller or
    Supplier occurs unless the seller has confirmed the validity of other conditions in writing. By placing his order, the buyer renounces his
    Conditions of purchase. All offers are non-binding. Contracts are only binding for the seller if and to the extent that they are in
    Have been confirmed in writing.
  2. The delivery times are non-binding. The place of delivery is Ede (Netherlands). The goods travel at the expense and risk of the buyer. Unless the buyer
    does not accept the goods, the seller can store them at the expense and risk of the buyer. If no delivery time has been agreed, the seller must deliver the goods in
    one - in view of the nature of the goods and other relevant circumstances known to the seller - deliver within a period that is reasonable in his opinion.
    Part deliveries and partial invoices are permitted. The buyer may not transfer his rights arising from the transaction with the seller to third parties.
  3. Payment must be made within thirty days of the invoice date, net without any deductions, in the currency in which the invoice was issued. The seller reserves that
    Deviating from an agreed payment deadline, the right to subsequently deliver against cash on delivery or to request payment before dispatching the goods, if after
    The seller's view of the buyer's financial position gives rise to this, which is the case, inter alia, when the buyer fulfills his obligations to the seller or to another
    Suppliers not fulfilled on time and when the buyer's assets are seized.
  4. If the buyer is in default with the seller, the seller is entitled, without judicial intervention being necessary, to cancel the purchase and other
    to declare sales contracts that have not yet been completed as canceled, without prejudice to further rights of the seller as a result of contracts or laws.
  5. Without the need for a further reminder, the buyer is in default by not paying on the agreed date or by one of the others
    Obligations from this or other ongoing contracts between the parties have not been fulfilled. Without prejudice to the provisions in Art. 4 and without a
    prior warning or notice of default is required, the buyer owes the seller interest on the basis of one percent per month or part
    of which, calculated from the day the payment became due up to and including the day the payment was made.
  6. In a case of force majeure, the seller can cancel the contract or suspend performance of the contract until the force majeure has ended. As force majeure
    Strikes, lockouts, fire, traffic obstruction, lack of raw materials, materials or labor, mobilization, war, import and export restrictions apply
    or government measures that hinder or complicate the fulfillment of the contract on the part of the seller. The non-fulfillment of
    Performance or cancellation of contracts on the part of the seller's suppliers and difficulties in moving or storing the goods sold.
    Upon request, the seller must inform the buyer whether he decides to cancel or suspend. If the seller chooses to suspend,
    he is entitled to change his decision to a cancellation by announcing his decision. For damage caused by a cancellation or suspension
    the seller is not liable. If the seller can only make partial deliveries due to force majeure, he is authorized to do so.
  7. Complaints about possible incorrect execution of orders as well as about the quality of the delivered goods must be made within eight days of receipt of the goods
    be made in writing. If the complaint is found to be justified and does not constitute force majeure for the seller, the seller is obliged to replace it
    to care. The seller is not obliged to any further obligations or compensation for incorrect deliveries. Complaints do not entitle the buyer
    to cancellations. Returns are made at the expense and risk of the buyer and are only permitted with prior written consent. The payment obligation of the
    Buyer with regard to the relevant or other deliveries will not be suspended by the complaint. All recommendations regarding the use of the supplied
    or goods to be delivered are free of charge and without obligation. The buyer has to convince himself to what extent the purchased is suitable for the application for which the
    Buyer uses what has been bought. The seller assumes no liability for the application on the part of the buyer. In the event of non-delivery for which no force majeure applies, and
    in the event of a wrong delivery, provided that the seller cannot, in his opinion, reasonably provide a replacement, the seller is not liable for damages.
  8. In the case of the production of goods according to drawings, models, samples or other instructions in the broadest sense of the word, which the buyer makes available,
    the buyer assumes the full guarantee that with the manufacture and / or delivery of these articles no trademarks, patents, utility or commercial models or other
    Third party rights are violated. If a third party complains about the manufacture and / or delivery of the said goods on the basis of an alleged right,
    the seller is immediately entitled to immediately stop production and / or delivery and to demand reimbursement of the costs incurred, namely
    without prejudice to any claims for damages against the buyer and without the seller being liable to him for any reason.
  9. The buyer protects the seller from all consequences - of whatever kind - of claims made by the buyer of the buyer against the seller in relation
    could be asserted on what was purchased.
  10. Insofar as gross sales prices have been set by the seller for the items supplied, the buyer is obliged to pay these to his customers
    and the buyer may only grant the discounts set by the seller on these prices when selling to resellers. The buyer will be his
    Impose the same obligations on customers.
  11. With regard to the delivery of the ordered quantity, the seller reserves a tolerance of 5 % (upwards or downwards).
  12. The seller is entitled to an increase in his purchase prices, changes in exchange rates, import duties and all other external circumstances which arise
    the cost price increases, which are incurred after the conclusion of the purchase contract, to be passed on to the buyer by adjusting the sales price accordingly.
  13. All delivered goods remain the property of the seller until the buyer fulfills all of his obligations from the purchase contract as well as from all concluded or still
    contracts to be concluded, including interest and costs.
  14. All disputes will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the competent court in Arnhem (Netherlands), also with regard to seizures, permits
    and injunctions is responsible. All costs incurred for the protection of rights, as well as for collection, are for the account of the buyer. Without prejudice
    the right to full reimbursement, the cost of judicial recovery is set at 15 % of the claim on the buyer. On all offers and
    Dutch law applies to contracts.