Hotmelt lamination

Intercol adhesives helps with the development and manufacture of coating systems. The combination of personal commitment and continuous development in the field of coating equipment makes Intercol adhesives the most innovative and best solution for your bonding needs.

Hot melt lamination can be achieved by:

  • Roller coating
  • Slot nozzle coating
  • Swirl application
  • Application of the curtain

Roller coating

The PUR hot melt flat lamination by roller coating offers a modular, flexible basis for the lamination and gluing of panels and a wide range of PO, PSA and PUR hot melt adhesives. Applications such as, furniture, auto interior parts, carpets and floors. Are proven uses.

Roller coating PUR hot melt adhesive

A hot glue system usually consists of a drum melter, a roller application machine and a rotary laminating press.

There are various technical solutions for optimal hot melt adhesive application and lamination. Depending on the end product, sandwich constructions can be manufactured as a trilaminate, for example.