Hot Glue or Hot Melt

Hot glue or hot melt is an adhesive that is often used in industry and crafts due to its fast drying time and high adhesive strength. The adhesive consists of polymer resins that melt when heated and bond with other materials. Hot glue is often offered in the form of glue sticks or in cartridges that are used in special glue guns.

The main advantage of hot glue is its fast drying time. After the adhesive has been applied, it hardens within a few seconds, which allows for quick processing. In addition, hot glue is very stable and has a high adhesive strength, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

One disadvantage of hot glue is that it is only suitable for joining materials that will not be damaged by high temperatures. In addition, it is difficult to remove hot glue once it has been applied.

Overall, hot glue is a useful tool in many areas, but it is important to realise that it is not suitable for every material and that it can be difficult to remove.