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Folding box and corrugated cardboard processing take up a significant part of our activities in DA CH. With this in mind, we have a large product portfolio of types in our assortment that have been tailor-made for gluing with folding box gluing and window gluing machines, inliners and laminating systems. As an example we want to list:

Adhesives for all surfaces

Whether uncoated or coated paper, cardboard, whether coated, film-laminated, whether PE or PVA-coated surfaces: a large selection of homo- and co-polymers has resulted in adhesive series that are economically and technologically convincing.

Intercol uses meaningful laboratory tests with material samples to identify the right adhesive for your requirements in advance, and for the subsequent test on your machine the basis for a convincing presentation that takes little time.

Adhesives with a very high setting speed

For QA when gluing longitudinal seams with high-speed machines> 300m / minute, it is helpful if a fiber tear is visible after a short time <15 seconds when opening the glued seam. The same applies to complex folding processes that have to be fixed with glue dots in the gluing machine, so that boxes folded in an exact shape function smoothly in the subsequent filling at the end customer.

We offer very fast adhesives for these requirements.

Adhesives with approval for direct food contact

Intercol has a large selection of dispersion adhesives that are classified as safe for use in food packaging. A declaration of no objection, which is based on EU standards, transparently confirms compliance with the requirements.

We would be happy to provide you with an adhesive with an SML declaration tailored to your needs.

Production reliability through detection of the glue application

In cooperation with application system manufacturers, perfectly functioning adhesives have been created for error-free detection. Especially for use in corrugated cardboard processing, where liner papers with recycled fiber content are standard, there are solutions in the DET1 and DET4 versions that can be read reliably and without errors. The DET4 variants also offer approval for direct food contact. All in all, complete protection for your quality assurance and your customers from the FOOD industry.

Window backings that can withstand mechanical forces

When stacking made-up folding boxes with window film, bulging of the box body is inevitable, which in the worst case can lead to partial flaking of the film. At the POS, customers mostly avoid such packs because they are not perfectly presented for a qualitatively convincing product.

With a special type from Intercol, it has been possible to achieve an above-average adhesive strength of the window. A well-known spirits manufacturer in Germany was impressed by the result and prescribes our adhesive for the production of its presentation boxes.

Adhesives for oven applications

Today, packaging is not just about transport protection. In addition, there are requirements that should make the daily life of a consumer easier and offer added value.

Against this background, packaging made of cardboard and corrugated cardboard that allows food to be prepared in the oven is in demand.

For this purpose, we have solutions on offer that, in addition to high temperature resistance, are also harmless in terms of food law.

Adhesives for steam sterilization

For the preservation of food and the sterilization of pharmaceutical products, the process with an autoclave is state of the art.

If this process is carried out with products that are packed in cardboard boxes or corrugated cardboard, high atmospheric pressure and a temperature of over 100 ° C place high demands on the adhesive used.

We have practical experience in application in this field.

Do you have a similar use case in your portfolio?

We are happy to work in a team with box processors and packaging users to find out which solution works.

Advice and search for solutions - Our focus is on the application of adhesives

Our conviction: A good bond results from the perfect interaction of processing machine, glue application technology, packaging material properties and adhesive.

That is why our focus is not only on the adhesive as a product, but on understanding the application in order to take into account all influencing factors.

Our sales department consists of contact persons who have a technical background in adhesive applications from the past. This covers both setting and optimizing the glue application technology as well as knowledge of gluing processes with FKMs, inliners, window gluing machines, laminating systems and bookbinding machines.

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